The Traditions.
The Party.


The Memories.

Signature Wedding Celebrations

I believe in great experiences over everything. Investing in experiences give us memories that last a lifetime and inspires us to create some of our own traditions in life. No material possession can compete with the happiness you gain and the story you can tell from a great experience.


Let me take you and your personally selected guests on a journey, focusing on your love story as a couple and the love and life you have built together.


The moments I will create throughout your special day will be truly unique and exclusive to you, your families, and your guests to ensure a joyous experience that everyone will remember years from now.



Experience The Party

When it comes to your reception, I'll say it plain and simple, I ROCK THE PARTY unlike any other company.


One of the most important aspects of what I do is knowing how to select, program, and mix the right music that will keep the dancefloor packed all night. I mix and blend music live from ALL genres and for ALL age groups, using real turntables to create and maintain smooth, consistent transitions with a continuous flow, keeping energy levels in the room high and your guests entertained.


If you think I might be the right fit for your special day, let's meet and talk. I'll take you through my timeline planning process and show you how I can give you peace of mind on your wedding day.