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A Little Bit About...

Hey, I'm Nick Styles. Thank you for taking the time to learn more about me and what I do.


I am a professional entertainer, dj, master of ceremony (mc or emcee, whichever you feel comfortable with) with a professional background in corporate production. I currently reside and entertain in Washington, but I travel between Seattle and Hawaii to perform for many Destination Weddings and Events.


My journey began on Maui, where I started my successful DJ career. Passionate about music and learning how to elevate my talent through every event I performed, I quickly became one of the most reputable DJs on the Island to all the hotels for Corporate Events, to the planners for Weddings, to the Schools for Dances, Proms, and producing my own events for corporate and teen functions.

People ask me all the time,




Well, the answer is pretty simple...a girl. But NOT just any girl, a girl who was attending college in Washington, which I found out was also from the Island of Hawaii (the Big Island), imagine that.


This girl became my wife and blessed me with the most wonderful daughter which created our family. We found out together that we really enjoy all of what the northwest has to offer, so we decided to stay and call it our home away from home.


We continue to visit our families on each Island when I am called to work and for the holidays when we can.

When I am not entertaining the masses, I like to spend time with my daughter India (she just wanted me to post more pictures of her). You might find us hangin' out at Starbucks enjoying a cake pop and hot chocolate, playing video games together, and building lots of Legos.

My daughter once asked me for a doll for her birthday present, but I suggested to her, instead of the doll that would eventually break and she would grow out of, how about a trip to Disneyland? She of course said yes and when I was able to take her on this journey through the park and show her all the amazing things that she had never seen before, I was able to pass on an experience that she will keep with her forever.


Thank you for considering me to be a part of your experience.


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